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Australian Design Search API

Getting Started


Getting Started

The Australian Design Search API allows you to search for Australian Designs.

For more details, and to request access to the API please visit the IP Australia Developer Portal.

Key Information

Base URL


The base URL for the Test instance of Australian Design Search API is:


The base URL for the Production instance Australian Design Search API is:


Australian Design Search API has two endpoints, a quick search and a get by Trade Mark Number.

Basic details about each endpoint have been outlined below, for full details, including example request and response payloads, please view the Australian Design Search API on the IP Australia Developer Portal.

The quick search endpoint enables a user to search for a list of Australian Design Numbers that match the given criteria. Users can search by a given string, and filter the results based on classification and status. The request also supports limiting the search to only Designs that have been updated since a given date.

Request Path: /search/quick Method: POST Request Payload Example:

  "changedSinceDate": "2001-10-01",
  "filters": {
    "classificationFilter": [
    "statusFilter": [
  "query": "clothing"

Get By Australian Design Number

This endpoint allows users to get all of the information about a given Design. The response contains all publicly available information about the Design.

Request Path: /design/{ipRightIdentifier} Method: GET

Response Format

All responses are in JSON

Contact Us

If you require further information or assistance regarding IP Australia’s APIs, please contact us via:

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