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National Personal Insolvency Index Search

Getting Started


Using the API

Getting Started

The National Personal Insolvency Index (NPII) Search is a SOAP/XML web service that for a fee, anyone may conduct a search of to determine whether a debtor is currently, or has previously been, subject to provisions of the Bankruptcy Act 1966.

Business Context

The NPII is a permanent electronic register of personal insolvency proceedings in Australia maintained and updated by the Australian Financial Security Authority. The NPII contains records from August 1928.

The purpose of the NPII is to provide publicly available information regarding the insolvency status of individuals.

The NPII contains details of:

The information available includes:

Key Information

The NPII service is accessible using SOAP and uses XML for the message payload.


The fees charged for NPII Search usage are here.

An organisation must become an ‘On Account’ customer with AFSA in order for usage of the service to be billed to the organisation accessing the service. The organisation must additionally complete the B2G channel registration process.

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