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Digital Capability Locator Service

Getting Started


Core Discovery API

Management API - Mandatory Services

Management API - Optional Services

Additional API's

Getting Started

The Digital Business Council publishes a set of specification to enable electronic exchange of digital business documents. One of the specifications relates to the Digital Capability Locator (DCL), a central component to enable dynamic discovery of business' endpoints.

The DCL consists of two major components:

  1. A way for anyone connected to the internet to find the location of a Digital Capability Publisher for a business, this is the Discovery API; and
  2. A database of trusted services providers operating in the framework. Trusted service providers are added to the database after undergoing an assessment of their intention to provide access point services and/or digital capability services as part of the interoperability framework.

Base URL

During testing the API is served from

API specification

The Digital Business Council publishes the Digital Capability Locator implementation guide. This is the official specification with a core set of API's that supports the main service provider use cases. The implementation guide describes how the core API's are used.

There are some inconsistencies in the implementation guide which are documented in the errata.

Participant ID

As per the Digital Business Council policy on identifiers, participants are identified by a scheme and a value. The scheme and value are used across the interoperability framework including the DCL API.


Usage of the DCL API is restricted to approved service providers only. Mutual exchange of TLS certificates governs access to the API. Service providers are encouraged to register with the Digital Capability Locator and store their public server and client certificates in the DCL Service Provider database.

Upon initial registration, service providers will provide the ATO with their certificates which will be added to the service provider database by ATO staff. Once registered, service providers have the ability to update their own certificates through the management API.

Note: During the testing period, only test certificates issued by the ATO are recognised by the system.

Below is a sample request using the CURL commandline tool: Assuming that:

Example request:

$ curl -v --key key.pem --cert cert.pem -H accept=application/json -tlsv1.2 \\?offset\=0\&limit\=50

Example response as JSON:

    "metadata": {
        "resultset": {
            "count": 16,
            "offset": 0,
            "limit": 50
    "results": [...]

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