This is in beta. If you find something wrong, let us know


This roadmap shows what the API.GOV.AU team is planning to work on over the next 12 months. This roadmap is open to change and we welcome your input.

Roadmap of Text overview below


Things we are currently working on:

  • Reusing the data definitions of others: Enable producers to search and link to data definitions used by other agencies on their APIs.
  • Contemporary API documentation: Offer rich and interactive forms of documenting APIs, including syntax highlighting, generated diagrams and interactivity
  • +1 / -1 Feedback: Allowing consumers to indicate if they've found a page helpful, and to show the aggregate rating.
  • Protect sensitive information: Enable G2G API authors to hide sensitive information about their APIs from unauthorised users, such as URLs


Things we will be working on in the future:

  • Include DTA's Notify and Tell-Us-Once: Offer the first G2G apis on the platform.
  • Self service content authoring: Allow content owners to create, edit and publish without assistance from the API.GOV.AU team
  • Seed the platform with ABN Lookup: ABN Lookup is a very large and popular service, which will help grow awareness of the platform to existing government API consumers.
  • Onboard more agencies: Attract more agencies, and then their consumers


Things we might be working on in the long term:

  • Detailed feedback loops: Enable consumers to provide detailed feedback, which will be incorporated into the WofG API playbook.
  • Reusable API Key Management: Allow consumers to register for a single API key that can be used for multiple government APIs with similar security and privacy requirements.
  • Ongoing DTA Guest Blog Posts: Build awareness of the platform, and it's evolution from SBR.