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Core Entity


Status: Standard

A natural person.
This vocabulary does not cover the societal relationships that an individual person has with, for example, other members of their family or their employer. The concern here is with the key aspects that define the natural person. The dividing line between describing a natural person and describing their identity is imprecise.

The properties of the Person class do not have any cardinality restrictions and as such all are optional. However, guidance is provided for the usage of each property.
Unique identifier
extends Agent
API url
Related definitions
is sub class of Agent
see also Location
has member PersonIdentifier
has member PersonFullName
has member PersonGivenName
has member PersonFamilyName
has member PersonNamePrefix
has member PersonNameSuffix
has member PersonGender
has member PersonBirthName
has member PersonDateOfBirth
has member PersonDateOfDeath
has member PersonCountryOfBirth
has member PersonCountryOfDeath
has member PersonPlaceOfBirth
has member PersonPlaceOfDeath
has member PersonCitizenship
has member PersonResidency
has member PersonAddress
has member PersonContactPoint
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