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Core Entity


Status: Standard

A business that is legally registered.
In many countries there is a single registry although in others, such as Spain and Germany, multiple registries exist. A Legal Entity is able to trade, is legally liable for its actions, accounts, tax affairs etc.

This makes legal entities distinct from the concept of organisations, groups or sole traders. Many organisations exist that are not legal entities; yet to the outside world they have staff, hierarchies, locations etc. Other organisations exist that are an umbrella for several legal entities (universities are often good examples of this). This vocabulary is concerned solely with registered legal entities and does not attempt to cover all possible trading bodies.
Unique identifier
extends Agent
API url
Related definitions
is sub class of Agent
see also Address
see also Membership
see also ChangeEvent
see also SubEntity
has member LegalEntityLegalIdentifier
has member LegalEntityIdentifier
has member LegalEntityLegalName
has member LegalEntityAlternativeName
has member LegalEntityCompanyType
has member LegalEntityCompanyStatus
has member LegalEntityCompanyActivity
has member LegalEntityRegisteredAddress
has member LegalEntityRegisteredAddress
has member LegalEntityLocation
has member LegalEntitySubEntity
has member LegalEntityContactPoint
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