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Study Unit Attendance Mode Code A code which identifies the mode of attendance by which the student undertakes a unit of study. For example: - Multi-modal Mode of Attendance - Employer based (VET providers only) Etc. Study Attendance Mode Type published
Study Unit Census Date The date which is the Census date of that Unit of Study. dateTime published
Study Unit Commencement Date The date (day, month, and year) on which the student commences the Unit of Study. dateTime published
Study Unit Equivalent Full-Time Study Load Number A number that represents the Equivalent Full-Time Study Load (EFTSL) for a unit of study as it relates to a full-time course of study undertaken over an academic year, as allocated by the education in ... integer published
Study Unit Outcome Code A code which categorises the outcome of a student's unit of study. For example: - Failed - Successfully completed all the requirements Etc. string published
Study Unit Outcome Date A date which represents the expected/actual outcome date of a student’s Unit of Study. dateTime published
Study Unit Unit Identifier Uniquely identifies a unit of study, at a given institution. string published
Study Unit Year Long Indicator Indicates the customer is enrolled in a year-long unit over the entire academic year. To be classified as a year-long unit, the unit must have a single outcome (completed, failed, withdrawn) upon c ... boolean published
Suburb Type Description Text The identification of the towns and suburbs located within Australia. string published
Suburb Type Value Code The unique identification of the localities / suburbs that are located within postcodes of a States/Territories within Australia. string published
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