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Definitions from Core Entity

79 definitions

Name Definition Type Status
LegalEntityRegisteredAddress The registered address of the business. Address Standard
LegalEntityAddress An address related to the business, other than the registered address. Address Standard
LegalEntityLocation A location related to the business. Location Standard
LegalEntitySubEntity An organisational unit of the business that is not a legal entity in its own right. Sub Entity Standard
LegalEntityContactPoint A contact point for the business. Contact Point Standard
SubEntity An organisation unit of a legally registered business. extends Agent Standard
SubEntityIdentifier A formally-issued identifier for the organisational unit. Identifier Standard
SubEntityName The name of the organisational unit. Text Standard
SubEntityCompanyActivity The activity of the organisational unit. Code Standard
SubEntityAddress An address related to the organisational unit. Address Standard
SubEntityLocation A location related to the organisational unit. Location Standard
SubEntityContactPoint A contact point for the organisation unit. Contact Point Standard
PersonPlaceOfBirth The location where the person was born. Location Standard
Location An identifiable geographic place. Standard
PersonGender The gender of the person. Code Standard
LocationGeographicName A proper noun applied to a spatial object. Text Standard
LocationGeographicIdentifier A URI that identifies the location. URI Standard
LocationAddress An address representing the location. Address Standard
LocationGeometry A geometry representing the location. Geometry Standard
Person A natural person. extends Agent Standard
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