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ReturnMeasurementOptionPercent Means the return of the investment option, as measured by the option return type. Financial Statistics Released
ReturnMeasurementOptionType Means the type of return used for measuring the option return, for the purpose of comparison with the return objective target return. Possible values are: • Gross Investment Return; • Gross Investment ... Financial Statistics Released
ReturnMeasurementType Means the type of return of the investment option that is compared to the benchmark return plus return margin for the purpose of assessing whether the investment option has achieved its return objecti ... Financial Statistics Released
ReturnObjectiveBenchmarkText Means a quantifiable benchmark return or absolute percentage return upon which the return objective of the investment option is based. Financial Statistics Released
ReturnObjectiveStartDate Means the effective date the return objective was approved by the RSE licensee. Financial Statistics Released
ReturnObjectiveTargetReturnDescriptionText Means a description of the benchmark and return margin used for the purpose of determining the return objective target return. Financial Statistics Released
ReturnObjectiveTargetReturnPercent Means the investment objective return for the investment option, as measured by the return of the benchmark, plus the return margin. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementCostAmount Means the overall expense in dollars for the service from the service provider. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementEngagementType Means to the span of the engagement. The engagement type options are: • One Off; and • Ongoing. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementInclusionsExclusionsText Report the detail of how the service arrangement differs with particular inclusions or exclusions. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementInvestmentManagementCostAmount Overall expense in dollars for the investment management service from the service provider . Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementOutsourcedIndicator Report whether the service arrangement is insourced or outsourced. Insourced or outsourced means the performance of functions, processes or projects with internal or external resources to the RSE lice ... Financial Statistics Released
ServiceArrangementRegistrableSuperannuationEntityOrMemberCohortDifferentCoverText If the proportion of members to which service is provided is not 100%, report the description of RSEs or member cohort covered and / or not covered under this service arrangement. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceProviderNameText Report the name of the service provider, or for accounting expenses report the name of the accounting expense. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceProviderRelationshipOtherText Means details of any other affiliation or interest which falls outside of shareholding and personal relationships. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceProviderRelationshipType Means the relationship the service provider holds towards the trustee. The service provider relationship type options are: • None; • Parent; • Indirect Parent; • Subsidiary; • Indirect Subsidiary; • ... Financial Statistics Released
ServiceProviderShareholdingRelationshipDetailText Report further detail on the service provider shareholding relationship. Financial Statistics Released
ServiceProviderShareholdingRelationshipPercent For a Subsidiary (including minority-owned entity), means the shareholding of the RSE licensee in the service provider. For a Parent (including an entity with minority ownership), means the level of ... Financial Statistics Released
SexType The distinction between male, female, and others who do not have biological characteristics typically associated with either the male or female sex. Financial Statistics Released
SmokerStatusDefaultIndicator Report whether the smoker status type is the default. The default means the smoker status that a member is allocated until they provide additional information that results in them moving to a differen ... Financial Statistics Released
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